Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Lindners-top guys from "across the pond"

If you're a UK angler, unless you're a real devotee and afficianado of lure fishing, chances are you've never heard of Al and Ron Lindner. In the States, however, they're household names in the world of angling. Both inductees into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame ( can you imagine such a thing here in Britain!), former owners of the Lindy lure company and for many years well loved TV angling personalities, they also founded the legendary In-Fisherman magazine that's a mainstay of North American newstands. Their style behind the camera is much more "high octane" than it is "Passion for Angling", with fast commentary, fast boats and fast-talking but it gives a great insight into the boatmanship and expertise with artificial lures and echo sounders that seems to come so easily to American anglers. Not only are these guys (who must be well into their sixties) still as excited about catching fish as a young boy with his first fishing rod, they're also committed Christians who are unashamed to talk openly about their faith. Check them out on their website or take a look at their book "First Light on the Water."

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  1. I never imagined fishing (as a non-fisherman) to be regarded as "high octane", but I guess our friends across the pond have a different slant on many things.