Friday, 6 May 2016

"It's a boy thing" ...

Suddenly fishing has become like London buses- none for ages, then two turn up at once. After a six week angling hiatus I've visited the bank twice in the last six days. Admittedly, this evening I didn't fish myself, but chose to accompany my son and plonk myself in his swim to chat and enjoy some quality father and son time.
Within quarter of an hour of his return from school, the car was packed and we were en route to the lake.  We selected a nice swim with clear water in front, and some enticing looking marginal overhanging trees and roots on the left, and soon a pole was being wielded with maggots, a bristle float, 2 pound bottom and size 18 hook, while a carp rod with a hair and bolt rigged high attract fruity boilie was flicked out close to the near bank cover. It wasn't long before the pole line started producing, with perch and the very occasional rudd providing the action.
Foreigners who wonder why the English are able to talk at such great length and with such vigour about the weather would better understand our predisposition for meteorological conversation if they had experienced this last seven days. Last Saturday while fishing, after a week of frosts and low temperatures, we even had a flurry of snow, but after several days of much warmer weather, this evening was as balmy as Summer. The perch continued to provide a welcome distraction, but it wasn't until a change on the margin rod to a Method and Krill mini-boilie approach that the carp turned up; a brace of "pea in the pod" commons.
After the second carp we decided to pack up. The overnight bivvy brigade were beginning to turn up, and home beckoned. The final tally was 21 perch and rudd (and one solitary gudgeon) on the pole, and the 2 carp. Glorious weather, the best company, dipping floats and screaming bite alarms. It doesn't get much better ....


  1. That's a brilliant evening's fishing. Very very fruitful!!!!!

  2. Oh, and I love the panorama photo.

  3. James took it- I can only do "grip and grin" catch shots!