Saturday, 2 April 2016

"Nothing new under the sun"- 17th Century tackle tarts

As an angler with a preference for fishing in drab colours, khaki's, olives, greens and camouflage, it's interesting to discover that the art of concealment as a part of the angler's approach isn't an innovation of the 1970's "specimen hunters" with their Army surplus combats, or the specialist angler of the 90's with their penchant for all things Realtree. This little poem from a book entitled "The Secrets of Angling", written by a John Dennys, dates from 1613, and shows that an understanding of the desirability of being inconspicuous goes right back to Waltonian times;
"And let your garments be russet or gray,
Of colour dark, and hardest to descry;
That with the rain or weather will away,
And least offend the fearful fish's eye:
For neither scarlet nor rich cloth of ray,
Nor colours dipped in Assyrian dye,
Nor tender silks of purple, paul or gold,
Will serve as well, or keep off wet or cold."


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