Sunday, 13 July 2014

On being a Union man ...

I'm married, in my mid 40's and have just fallen in love again, but thankfully it won't lead to one of those "Randy Rev" or "Viagra Vicar" headlines beloved of the red top newspapers, as the object of my affection is a canal.

I've fished the Grand Union Canal in Leicestershire on and off for several years, but this year my fishing has almost exclusively been on its towpathed banks. I've caught pike and perch, none of them monsters, on both float and (predominantly) lures and have fallen for the charms of canal fishing "hook, line and sinker" - or perhaps that should read "hook, line and (kitchen) sink" because it does contain its fair share of snags.

I've even grown fond of the barges, which may mess up the fishing for a few minutes, but (if you time your sessions right) aren't too incessant, even in the summer, and add a pleasing splash of colour and a connection with the waterway's industrial past.
I love the canal's history, the parts I choose to frequent are rural, not urban, and its miles of towpath suit my restless, explorative, mobile style of fishing. I suspect that my relationship with the canal will always be about predatory fish, and when I feel the need to catch carp or other species I'll return to the lakes, but for the moment there are so many projects whirring around in my mind involving learning new skills in lure fishing, and particularly gaining skills with ultra-light and soft plastics that if it wasn't for my son's enjoyment of catching carp (although he also enjoys the canal and its perch) I think I'd probably become a "full time" canal-based predator angler.
The photo's on this post are all from a walk (without the distraction of a fishing rod!) that I went on a couple of week's ago to recce a new stretch of the canal for angling purposes - now I'm looking forward to the return journey with rod, reel and bag of lures.

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