Saturday, 4 January 2014

Walton and Connecticut Yankees

Anyone who's followed this blog since its earliest days will be aware that I'm a sucker for "all things Walton" and for angling art, and so I was excited to discover this week, via an email, about an American artist, writer and angler called James Prosek.
As a young American Ivy League graduate, back in 1999, Prosek successfully "blagged" sponsorship from Yale for a literary/artistic/angling "jolly", and with his pockets full of dollars converted into pounds travelled to the UK, fished where Walton fished and wrote and illustrated a book about his adventure. The (coffee table style) book that emerged from his Waltonian pilgrimage has duly been ordered from Amazon, and I await its arrival with eager anticipation.
Prosek also made a film of his time in the UK, which makes pleasant viewing. Although occasionally self-indulgent and over-fawning around the English upper classes, it has some beautiful camera work, an evocative soundtrack, some pleasing fishing scenes and is a worthy effort. Follow the link below, pour a glass of something you enjoy, sit back and watch .....

For all that harbouring an admiration for Walton is something of an angling cliché, my fondness for the old chap continues to grow..... angler, Christian, writer- does it get any better than that?

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