Friday, 31 August 2012

Spinning for stripeys

Perch are my favourite fish, more for their beauty, spiney swagger and attitude than for their size or fighting prowess. My first ever fish was a perch, and whether floatfishing or spinning they never fail to delight. I stole a morning session on a local stretch of canal this morning, choosing to take a break from the crucians to enjoy a leisurely stroll with a lure rod in the sort of balmy sunshine that has been a rarity this year.

Second cast of the day, using a very small red-spotted silver spinner, I caught this game little, fellow, all bristling, spikey indignation.
The sun beat down and I decided to walk on beyond the area of the canal that I'm familiar with and explore what lay beyond my normal beat. I allowed myself to be guided by the maxim WWCD (what would Crabtree do), and to fish only the perchiest looking spots.
Two more perch followed, both caught fishing around bridges, classic perch territory, and certainly swims that Mr Crabtree would have had a cast or two in. The second perch came to a red and yellow Panther Martin spinner, the final fish (on the final cast- how's that for "living the cliche!") falling for my all-time favourite perch lure, a Rublex Ondex.
It may have been more of a stroll in the sun than a serious fishing session, but when the mood takes there's little better than walking out with a rod, reel, net and small bag of lures.

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