Friday, 3 August 2012

My "must have" lure

Ever since I first flung a plug (more in hope than anger) on a January day in 1982, I've been a devotee of lure fishing. I love the mobility, the collectability of the lures, the feel of actively hunting the prey, and the toothy critters themselves, and if I had to choose just one plug to use for the rest of my fishing days it would be ......... (wait for it) ... the Shakespear Big S. Now, I know that these days everybody is chucking Bulldawgs, Alien Eels, Replicants and 101 other soft plastic or rubber shad variants, but for over 30 years I've always had a space in my lure box for the Big S. I understand that it's no longer in production, which is a shame, but thankfully I've got half a dozen old stagers that should last a while yet. I have no doubt that a lot of the modern lures are superior, and I own and use  many of them, but there's something about that provocative wiggle just under the surface that gives me immense confidence in the Big S - that, and the fact that over the years I've caught scores of pike on them. It's only a couple of months till I get my lure rod out again for my autumn piking campaign, and, sooner or later, that means that one of my Big S's will come out of the box, be fixed to a trace and propelled into the canal. Other plugs may come and go, but for me the Big S is the "must have" plug, and I'd be far less confident setting out on a days piking without one in the lure box- it's a classic of the plug maker's art.

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