Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Meanwhile, back at the Estate Lake

The respite that the month of August brings to the usually hectic demands of a busy church, meant that I could sneak a couple of hours this morning and renew my acquaintance with the Estate Lake and its finned inhabitants. This time I went not to fish, but to watch my son fish, chat to him, give him the benefit of my advice (mostly ignored!) and to enjoy his company. Perched on his seatbox and using a short elasticated whip he fished the edge of a reedbed, sparingly feeding maggots and concentrating hard. The fishing was not quite as prolific as it can be, but he ended up after a couple of hours with a nice mixed net of 13 fish, with most of the fish being either perch or crucians. There was one unexpected bit of excitement when a large carp took the bait and tore off accross the lake, pulling elastic out of the pole to alarming proportions before the inevitable happened and the line broke at the hook-link. The best fish that did find its way into the landing net was this hybrid of about a pound, which although mostly crucian clearly had far more than a hint of "ornamental fish" about it, with its large fins and fan-tail. All in all, an enjoyable session, and a pleasant change to be fishing without being rained on.

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