Thursday, 14 June 2012

Crucians- a new obsession

2012- "the year of the crucian"

My fishing has always been characterised by a certain fickle faddishness. A sort of restlesness that doesn't quite sit easily with Walton's description of angling as the "contemplative man's recreation". In my time I've had spells of pursuing carp or pike, a period when I exclusively lure fished, I've done the whole "Chris Yates" thing with old tackle and quill floats bulky enough to divert an oil tanker in the Suez Canal and even fished a couple of matches, and just recently I've become afflicted with the crucian bug. A lovely old estate lake near me has been recently opened for day ticket fishing, and as well as tench, roach, rudd, a scattering of commons and mirrors and some lovely big perch it contains the most gorgeous, chunky, hard fighting crucians. My first trip fishing intentionally for them saw me land half a dozen crucians between half a pound and a pound, as well as an indignant bristling half pound perch and hordes of roach and rudd, all caught on a pole with 3lb line and 2lb bottom fished tight to the marginal reeds. That's settled it for me. No doubt 2012 will see me  do a bit of carping and the occasional trip to the canal to spin for perch, but this year's fad is going to be crucians, and the "search for the holy grail"- a two pound estate lake crucian. I'll keep the blog updated with my progress, or more than likely my lack of progress.

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